Showcase Project



Automate the generation of templated legal documents for law firms such as:

      • Affidavits
      • Special power of attorney
      • Application forms
      • Secretary’s certificates
      • Contracts
      • …and many more!

The solution is built on top of Google Workspace, which is a collection of cloud computing tools for productivity and collaboration. The solution leverages the following Google Workspace products:

    • Templates in Google Docs specify fixed and variable information in the layout
    • A Google Sheet tracker/generator allows collaborative monitoring and encoding of the variable fields for the documents to automate
      • The tracker may also be filled up from submissions to a Google Form
    • The generated documents are organized and stored in a Google Drive folder
      • The file format could either be a finalized PDF, a modifiable Google Doc, or a Microsoft Word document
      • The output files may also be integrated with a document management system (DMS) of your choice

The whole solution is cloud-based, so you will only need an internet-connected device to access the whole system.

The result is a simplified process that ensures accurate and standard documents that are prepared in a fraction of the time. By leveraging automation, what would usually take hours or days to draft can now be done in a few minutes, and with a much higher level of accuracy. By offloading the repetitive and time-consuming tasks to a system, your lawyers would be able to focus on what they do best — lawyering.